Tuesday, June 2, 2009

quintessential quick quiche

Okay, I'll admit right now this recipe isn't revolutionary. It maybe isn't even that exciting to some of you. I know the carnivore could care less. But, I sometimes get a hankerin' for quiche (for those of you not from the South that is the equivalent of a craving). Plus, I almost always have the stuff I need on hand already. And, I can eat on it for a week. So here it is...my quintessential quiche.

Let's start with the crust. For all of you super foodies out there who make you own crusts (and breads and bagels and whatnot), more power to you. I really am impressed (and a wee bit jealous). But, I use the refrigerated (not frozen) Pillsbury crust that you can roll out yourself. They come in a pack of two and can't be beat for convenience. Yes, I know it may not be as buttery and flaky and the homemade thing, but it bakes nicely all the same. I simply press it into a pie pan that I have sprayed with non-stick oil and fold the edges to make them thick and chunky.

Now, to make the filling I use 4 (organic vegetarian fed free-range) eggs, 1 cup of cheddar cheese, 2/3 cup of cream, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. On days when I am feeling especially adventurous I throw in some spinach. I like other things in my quiche when I go out (like onions or tomatoes), but when I am eating on it for a week I steer clear of things that won't hold up well to re-heating. Simply mix the ingredients together and pout them into the crust. I use at little of the left over egg in the mixing bowl to brush on the crust before I place it in the oven. I bake it at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes - just until the crust is golden brown.

Like I said, this recipe isn't any more revolutionary than any other egg dish out there, but it is a great basic to have in your back pocket. It is easy and filling. Plus, as a vegetarian it gives me lots of great protein to get through that middle of the day slump. Enjoy!

menu ideas:
I had a generous slice of cheddar cheese quiche with a few slices of tart green apple, a fresh strawberry and goat cheese salad topped with walnuts and a balsamic vinaigrette, and a berry smoothie. There were so many nutrients in my lunch I couldn't name them all, plus it felt like I had gone out to a little cafe in a bookstore.


  1. I love spinach in my quiche! Also, I most always used Pillsbury crust - they are good and convenient. I still like to make my own crusts sometimes, but all in all, the work isn't always worth it when the Pillsbury taste good.

    BTW, we say hankerin' up here too and I'm a damn Yankee! LOL.

  2. i<3 your blog and your my-bad-wtfever attitude.


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