Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a new goal - the burrito mile

The carnivore and I have taken up jogging. (Note I didn't say running. We aren't there yet.) It seems as though all of our friends have decided to race in one form or another, so on the bandwagon we jump. (We are heading to the beach in a few weeks anyway, so it can't hurt.) We started small. We decided to train for a .5k after seeing one on a travel channel show on about a buffalo wing festival. No, you didn't read that wrong - there is a decimal point there. I am happy to report we have surpassed our goal.

Looking for a new challenge, I happened across this website. In the burrito mile, you down a burrito and then run a mile. While we have made it over a mile now in our jogs, I am not sure we could eat a burrito and then do it. But, in preparation I thought I would make burritos nonetheless. (Not that I need an excuse to eat Mexican food.) As usual the carnivore and I have different takes on what makes a good burrito.

We start with the same base - flour tortillas heat briefly and cilantro rice. To make the rice I simply make some Uncle Ben's and then add in finely chopped cilantro from my herb garden with a little kosher salt. The carnivore then adds some form of grilled meat to his burrito, usually chicken, but sometimes steak. I add in avocados for my protein. We each like shredded cheese and beans. I always have black beans and refried pinto beans on hand. We both like each and alternate between the two. I also top mine with a little pico de gallo and red onion. The options are many but not overwhelming to prepare.

These burritos, depending on how you choose to put yours together, pack in lots of nutrients. The avocado gives you lots of vitamin B, the chicken furnishes lean protein, the beans bestows great fiber, the cheese provides calcium, the red onion dispenses chromium, the pico has vitamin C, and the tortilla and rice give you energizing carbs. Sounds like a good diet for a runner, right? Baby steps...

menu ideas:

These burritos are big and filling enough to serve alone. You can start with chips and salsa or cheese dip (because there is always room for more cheese). If you feel like you need something green on your plate, a small side salad will do.


  1. I was just looking at a book about running, and it said that even if you're not running far or fast, you get to call yourself a runner and not a jogger. Because it sounds cooler, and running (and jogging) are hard, so you deserve it!

    You also deserve burritos, of course. Mm...avocado, beans, cheese, rice, tortilla...so tasty.

  2. thanks bridget! i read an article in body+soul magazine about running that says you should celebrate your running victories whatever they may be. so, i think you are right - i am a runner (just a slow one) :)

  3. You should try making homemade flour tortillas. YUM!!

    These look great! Good luck on the jogging/running!

  4. oh homemade tortillas sound like a challenge - yummy, but a challenge...unlike running (which we did again tonight) which is just a challenge!

  5. want to wish you luck as well on the jogging, and let you know I find this burritos really delish! Hope you wont mind, I'd love to guide foodista readers to your site. just add this foodista widget to this post and it's all set. Thanks!


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