Tuesday, May 19, 2009

an experiment with panko - fish sticks

When people ask if I miss meat, I simply answer no. And, it is the truth. Mostly because they make fake everything - fake burgers, fake hot dogs, fake bacon (known as facon in my house), you name it. Also, I never ate much meat anyway.

But, the truth is I do miss fish. They don't make very many fake fish items. That doesn't mean I don't make fish for the carnivore. It is such a great healthy protein for him, so I try to work it in when I can. In this recipe I used tilapia, which is a very low fat / low cal / low sodium fish with lots of B12.

Here is how my most recent fish dish came about. The short story is, I sent the carnivore to the store for Italian breadcrumbs and got regular panko breadcrumbs. Oh well, I used it as an excuse to make the carnivore fish sticks. It was my first experiment with panko. I searched on the net and found a great recipe at cookingthisandthat. It was a simple recipe of panko, salt and OldBay Seasoning for the crust. I baked the fish as directed. I didn't make the dip, and I should have cut the recipe as it was too much for one man, even a very hungry man. Plus, it isn't the sort of thing you want to reheat. Anyway, they were fantastic according to the carnivore, and he would tell me if they weren't. So, yeah for panko (and fish)!

menu ideas:
I served these homemade fish sticks with fresh peas tossed in butter and a steaming baked potato. Since I am a vegetarian, I heated up fake chicken strips for myself in place of the fish sticks. Morningstar Farms makes a great version.


  1. I don't miss meat and I don't even eat fake meat products (nasty, IMO). Why should I miss something that I willingly gave up? If it missed it, I'd eat it.

  2. well, i gave up meat for reasons other than taste. i still appreciate some of the flavors not the textures. so the fake products work well for me. but to each his own. my family is a perfect example of that!

  3. This look great and a perfect way to use panko!

  4. Aww, I wish you could have tasted them - but I am glad the carnivore liked them!! And thanks for visitng my blog!

  5. What a wonderful post, thanks a lot for sharing this with us!


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