Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bikini friendly dessert

Do you hear that sound? Duna, duna, duna...No it isn't a shark. Its that bikini in my drawer daring me to put it on and look in the mirror. Alas, it is that time of year again. Time to pull out the bathing suit and see exactly how much weight I need to lose before I can be seen in public. I did this horrible dance just before we left for Mexico. It wasn't pretty. But, I am happy to report in order to get in better shape I did manage to run a 5K before we left! What I didn't do was give up on dessert.

In order to satisfy my sweet tooth and still cut out calories (think ice cream type calories), I opted for a fresh fruit salad. I made this one for my best friend's baby shower and then ate on the leftovers for days. I included tart strawberries, crisp green grapes, sweet mandarin oranges, tropical pineapple slices, refreshing watermelon chunks, delicious cantaloupe pieces, tangy green apple bites, and tasty bits of banana. (Note - The banana should be added fresh daily to keep from browning.) It was delectable and packed in tons of vitamins.

I sometimes make this scrumptious and nutritious dessert for me and the carnivore too. Of course, in order to encourage him to eat this much fruit I usually top it with fresh whipped cream. He'll eat anything covered in whipped cream. But me, I am fine with it just plain...especially when it is bikini season!


  1. Looks as good as I remembered. Me and Baby loved it!!

  2. You can't beat fresh fruit to satisfy a sweet tooth with the guilt! :)

  3. i did the bikini dance over the weekend - yikes! ill be sure to eat that fruit salad- strawberries are in season here so that will be the first ingredient. :)


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