Friday, April 10, 2009

we all scream for mexican chocolate ice cream

Do you love ice cream? Who doesn't right? Well, it is my carnivore's favorite and I am always trying to figure out ways to get my him to eat ice cream without sugary chocolate sauce and fattening whipped cream. Fruit is an easy addition, but I think the carnivore is catching onto that trick. So, last night I spiced things up a bit. See, the carnivore loves mexican chocolate. This is my twist on those flavors. This is a quick dessert that is sure to please your picky eater too. Plus, cinnamon is a miracle spice. It has been shown to do everything from easing the pains of arthritis to lowering cholesterol to boosting cognitive function (see for more info). I recommend using a low-fat all natural vanilla bean icream for the base. Simply sprinkle on cinnamon and add a piece or two of organic dark chocolate (or hershey's mini's left over from that Easter basket). And, of course, nothing is saying you can't still add in a piece of fruit too!

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