Thursday, April 2, 2009

vegan before dinner?

So, you may have seen this in the news recently, but it worth thinking about again. Can your blended family compromise for at least a couple of meals a day? Check out the story of New York Times writer Mark Bittman who is vegan before dinner -

He eats a healthy vegan diet all day - then all bets are off at dinner. In the end, he lost a lot of weight and improved his overall health, not to mention helped the environment. The main point here, though, is he did not have to fully become a vegetarian/vegan. He compromised.

Think of ways your family can at least have a vegan or vegetarian breakfast to start (this is the easiest meal in my opinion). Check out some of my marvelous main dishes that can please both you and your carnivore friends for dinner. In no time you will have helped your family's health and the planet. You can do this! And, don't forget to check out Bittman's book (see my Amazon sore for details) for even more info on how he did this.

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