Saturday, April 4, 2009

toast tongs

So, I can't take credit for finding this wonderful tool. My husband found this gadget. They are called toast tongs. Like all great kitchen finds, we have now given this little tool to many family members as gifts. And like us, they are now also addicted to using these guys.

"What are toast tongs?" you may be wondering at this point. They are wooden tongs that you use to get bagels, english muffins (seen here), cinnamon raisin bread, or just regular toast out of your toaster. No need to risk burning your fingers or getting electrocuted anymore! I know it sounds simple, but it really is ingenious. And, once you have a set, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. You will likely want to share it with your friends and family like we did, especially since they are so inexpensive.

Do note though, you shouldn't leave your tongs in your toaster as they can burn. You can thank my mother-in-law for this helpful hint. She needs a new set of tongs as hers are now blackened! Ooops! In any case, you can get yours from my amazon store today.

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