Monday, April 13, 2009

simple spring salad

My carnivore has very strange rules about tomatoes. He will eat tomato sauce on pasta and pizza. He will not eat freshly sliced tomatoes. He will eat ketchup. He won't eat salsa. I, however, eat all of it. And, I personally think the fresher the better. Part of making our family work is that I don't compromise and give up the things I love. I just eat them when we the carnivore isn't around. He does the same thing. I don't eat or make fried chicken. So, when we are apart - usually at lunch - I can have a fresh salad and he can get his chicken fix.

Today I decided to enjoy some fresh heirloom tomatoes. I saw them at the grocery store this weekend and just couldn't resist picking up a couple. I sliced them thinly (they almost look like nectarines) and placed them on a bed of spinach (another thing my carnivore doesn't eat) with chunks of fresh goat cheese. I topped it with freshly ground pepper and a light italian vinaigrette dressing. Super fresh and super easy! Plus, I get to enjoy things the carnivore would turn his nose up at without any guilt.


  1. I love heirloom tomatoes! All the different kinds are so much fun to experiment with.

  2. I love heirloom tomatoes as well, this salad looks great, refreshing and thanks for blogging it!


    J&J Dish

  3. I love how fresh this salad looks - such beautiful tomatoes too!


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