Thursday, April 9, 2009

pig in a toad

This isn't what it sounds like. It is a variation on toad in a hole that my hubby came up with just this morning that I had to share. But, let me back up and tell you how this came about.

Last night we received a box of Easter goodies from my lovely in-laws which included a bar-b-que cookbook that the carnivore immediately poured over. What's not to love about 500 new ways to cook meat over an open fire, right? In this book, he found a recipe he is bursting to try - a sausage filed pork loin that can be wrapped in bacon in one of the variations. Needless to say I was nonplussed about the idea.

But this morning when I was cooking him a sausage patty to go with his toast and orange slices, he pondered aloud, "What if you cooked an egg with that sausage patty in the middle, sort like the sausage stuffed pork loin?" Clearly this recipe has a grip on him, but I thought I would try it just to humor him. Turns out it isn't hard. And, you could easily substitute you favorite soysauge patty for the vegetarians in your life. I started with a single sausage patty and let it get almost completely cooked on both sides. I think cracked an egg directly in the hot (and now greased) pan and swirled it around the patty. Just be sure to loosen it with your spatula before you slide it onto the plate. If you do try the vegetarian version I would suggest spraying the pan before you start and microwaving the patty a little first.

It makes a funny plate first thing in the morning. And, who couldn't use a smile before work? And if you are wondering about the name, we decided if eggs in toast is called toad in a hole, this should be called pig in a toad. What do you think?

menu ideas:
Serve this protein packed starter with a few slices of orange or some raisin toast or both!

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