Tuesday, May 5, 2009

girly drink even a guy would like

My cooking adventures are not only a challenge when it comes to planning meals that both the carnivore and I can eat together, but I am also always trying to expand the man's palate. If it were up to him he would eat the same 5 meals for the rest of his life and they aren't exactly complex. Think pizza or steak and potatoes. But, it doesn't stop with his plate. My carnivore also has strict rules when it comes to his adult beverages. They can basically be boiled down to "would James Bond or John Wayne drink this?"

However, it never fails that when I order some super fruity pink drink with an umbrella, he always wants a sip (or two). And, his usual comment is something along the lines of, "that's not bad," which in the words of my carnivore means it is actually pretty good. So, on the off chance we are having a special (read romantic) dinner at home together I try to make a cocktail we can both enjoy - even if it is a little girlie. No one has to know, right? I gave up alcohol for lent, so I recently rewarded myself (and the carnivore) with my favorite drink - a version of a bellini. James Bond or John Wayne might not drink this - at least not in public - but my carnivore will - at home. I serve mine in stemless flutes to make them a little less girly. Similar ones are in my amazon store.

Simply grab a good peach liqueur and a nice bottle of champagne. Fill your 1/4 of the champagne flute with the peach liquor and the rest of the way with champagne. Top with a strawberry. Cheers!


  1. Mmm - great minds think alike! I plan on making a similar cocktail this weekend for my dinner party!

  2. Sounds great to me! I will be bookmarking this to make at my next get together!

    Thanks for sharing another great recipe. I am loving your blog!

  3. I like how you just exposed his secret to the whole world! :) Hehe, nice drink though.

    You can find more "girly" drink ideas to try on him here: http://www.recipe4living.com/Recipes/26-28-Cocktails.aspx


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