Wednesday, April 1, 2009

clip-on spoon rests

Here is one of my favorite gadgets. I bought them for my mother-in-law for Christmas this year. She loved hers and I hinted enough to my husband until I finally got my own set. Mine are apple green to match my kitchen. They come in other colors. For example, my mother-in-law's are red. So, what are these little doohickeys? They are called clip on spoon rests.

Are you worried about resting your spatula inside your pan? Either they get too hot to touch (ouch!) or the may even get cooked themselves (what's that burning smell?). Are you tired of dirtying up a spoon rest (just anther thing to wash!)? Well, no more.

Simply clip this on to your pan and slide in your spoon. Voila! Your spoon isn't messing up anything but is readily available. Its the best - really. You can see them at work here with two of my other favorite kitchen goodies - a "green" pan and a bamboo spoon. Check out my amazon store for a quick link to get your own set. Of course, my mother-in-law says they make a great gift too!


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