Thursday, April 16, 2009

butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

Well, maybe butter my corn instead. My friend, Katie, suggested I add these gadgets to the blog. She has used them at my house and loves them as much as I do. In fact, everyone who comes over when we have grilled corn does. And, since we just made grilled corn, I thought it would be a good time to share these corn accessories with everyone. First, I have to admit my carnivore and I came across these on accident at a Paula Dean Buffet/Gift Store in Tunica, Mississippi. And, if anyone knows butter - it is Paula. I think all of her recipes start with at least one stick. We didn't cave to the impulse to buy them there. But, when my carnivore received an award at work I knew I had to get these for him. Silly I know, but he loves Paula and all her
butter recipes.

There are two products in these pictures. One is you standard corn pick, known as butter babies. They some in a brightly colored pack with a set of four. The have nice strong prongs that dig right into the ends of the corn cob easily. They are super easy to clean and they snap together for simple storage.The second, and more amazing product is the butter boy (I think you can get a butter girl too). Again, you have a choice of colors. But, what is so wonderful about this little guy is that he allows you to apply butter to your corn without any mess or lost butter. You just place a stick of butter inside and pop off the top of his little head. The curved opening fits perfectly onto the cob. Slide back and forth and voila - perfectly buttered corn!

I know it seems corny (ha!), but it one of those things that once you get it you are going to wonder how you ever lived without it. And they make a great gift too. Especially for the hostess at your next bar-b-que. It is also great for those of you with kiddies. They are adorable and help keep things clean. Check out my amazon store to get your very own butter boy and matching butter babies.


  1. Yay for me, I made the blog! Now I have to get these cute little guys...and a few of these other accessories you have on here! Great job Jerri!

  2. I've seen this product at a recent tradeshow and they are so cute!

  3. Oh wow what a wonderful product, how has this not been thought of before? I must try one!

  4. They are genius! Use them all the time.


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